Dāvanu komplekts Saimnieka Mielasts

Dāvanu komplekts Saimnieka Mielasts

Dāvanu komplekts Saimnieka Mielasts

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Standard price €54,38
  • Within 3 working days
  • Personalization:
    Special wish or visual greeting on label of bottrle, card of gift set. The cost of personalization depends of the volume of your order.
    To find out more, please contact:
    Santa Vanaga, phone: +371 29433223, santa.vanaga@abavas.lv
  • Svaigs un atspirdzinošs Abavas apiņos sidrs, kas vij cauri skaistu
    Abavas stāstu par Ziemeļu ābolu un aizjūras apiņu draudzību.
    Dzēriens ir kā pārsteigums, kas apvieno sidra, alus un vīna raksturus,
  • Brīnumaina vasaras pastaiga pa Abavas ielejas bagātīgajām pļavām,
    trejdeviņu ziedu spēks, dzirkstoša draudzība un svētki.
    Tāds ir Pļavas sidra stāsts.
  • Siera cepumi ar ķimenēm Jumis, 100 g
  • Siers ar pesto īstiem gurmāniem, 2-4 mēnešus nogatavināts, 500 g
  • Kraukšķīgās minipupas ar sieru un krējumu – dabīga un veselīga
    uzkoda ar maigu siera garšu. Enerģijas avots Līgo naktī, 100 g,
  • Brieža gaļas pastēte ar trifeļu garšu, 100 g,
  • Grauzdētu pupu pesto ar tomātiem un kariju, 100 g.
  • Brūna kartona kaste ar lodziņu, brūnām papīra skaidiņām un taustisku prievīti;
  • Izmēri 310x310x120mm


Free delivery for orders from 50,00EUR (incl. VAT%) within Latvia.

Orders under 49,99EUR (incl.VAT%)  shipping fee 7,00Eur (incl. VAT%) within Latvia. 

Please note that outside Latvia additional charges will be applied accordingly to your order, size and weight. We are using TNT courier delivery services within EU and UK. For all other non EU and UK countries delivery is not yet available.


Normally delivery takes between 2 to 3 working days. During sales or special offer periods, delivery might take longer then usual due to high volumes. 

Your order will be delivered to the address provided by your good self. Delivery is handled during working days, between 9:00-17:00.  Exceptions can be made outside working hours and business days, for this please contact our Sales personnel on veikals@abavas.lv. 


Please make sure that all details are provided of the delivery address, including  direct telephone numbers, floor access codes etc. In case address or contact information will not be filled correctly, delivery might be delayed or not delivered. 

Our sales are carried out in accordance with the current law of the Republic of Latvia. Please have your ID or passport on hand during delivery hours or time.

If you would like to track the status of your shipment, use the tracking number we provided you with in the email and go to the corresponding website of our courier mentioned.  


You can pick up your order on the next day after your purchase. Our address ABAVAS winery shop in "Kalejkrami", Slampes parish, Tukums County, LV-3133, during working hours between 09:00-17:00 from Monday till Friday*.  

 *During sales or special offer periods, you can pick up your purchase within two working days. We hold the right to ask to provide ID or passport to verify your age. 


Return policy applies for all ABAVAS winery goods, gifts and purchased items on our e-shop.

Returns should be made within 14 days after delivery to the address below. The product should have to be in intact and unopened and include shipment receipt. Customer covers return shipping expenses. 

The purchased amount will be refunded back to customer within 3 working days, after returned goods are received. Please note, that it might take longer for refund to appear in your account as transfers between payment systems might take a longer time. In case you are facing any difficulties of this matter, please contact our sales representative on veikals@abavas.lv 

Please return purchased items, including receipt and refund template to:

SIA "Abavas Darzi" "Kalejkrami", 
Slampes parish, 
Tukums County, 
LV-3133,  Latvia 


If you received damaged products, please contact us at e-mail: veikals@abavas.lv


SIA "Abavas Darzi" holds legal wright to cancel any order or goods included in your purchase, refund will be arranged in case of payment for all purchase or cancelled items in the purchase, such as gift components.


If you require additional information about your purchase, please feel free to contact our friendly and welcoming customer service by phone + 371 26630022 or by e-mail: veikals@abavas.lv.

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