Welcome to ABAVAS!

ABAVAS  winery is family owned producer of premium craft drinks from Latvian grown fruits and berries. Established in 2010, it is currently leading and best known winery in Latvia, with growing friend and fun base abroad. 

Our drinks have been highly acknowledged by professionals both locally and internationally  and  won numerous awards.  


We operate at two sites, both in western part of Latvia:

-  our vineyard and farm is located in Abavas river valley close to town of Sabile;

- our cellar and vinery is based in Arlavciems, Close to town of Tukums.

Our wine cellar is open for
 tours and tastings!

Come and taste our story!

It all started with a honeymoon



Established in 2010, ABAVAS winery is largest and best known premium craft winery in Latvia owned and run by Barkans family. 

Our growth and success is based  on fruit wines, ciders and distilled spirits, yet our story started with a honeymoon in Tuscany during wich Liene and Martins came to a brave idea - to grow grapes and make grape wine in challenging Baltic climate. 

In 2010 we planted our first vineyard to test more than 40 different grape varieties for suitability - both to test them for local climate and for taste in wine. Our vineyard is unique place - located on 57th North parallel is is one of the most northern vineyards in the world. 

It takes time and patience to grow grapes for wine - especially in cold climate of Latvia. Several traditional wine grape varieties did not survive the test, but few others - mainly hybrid or non-Vinifera ones - produced good first results and we were able to try them for wine. Our first and so far only significant harvest was in 2015, when we harvested more than 5 tonnes of various grapes and it allowed us to experiment with different wine styles and several blends - most successful to mention white wine from Solaris grapes and blended sparkling rose from Latvian grape varieties named "Fragola".

While northern grape growing still is experimental and full of challenges, our fruit wines, ciders and distilled spirits have fast become a success story both locally and abroad. We have dedicated partners in Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom and the list keeps expanding rapidly.


If you are interested to test our drinks and want to become our distribution partner or just a fan - please let us know!