RHUBARB sparkling / BRUT

Volume: 0,75l / Alc: 12% vol. / Serve at 8-10˚C

Our winery's signature drink!


Rhubarb sparkling BRUT is a drink to surprise your friends and special guests. Produced and bottled six to nine months after the rhubarb harvest. It has a pleasant rich rhubarb aroma followed by crisp dry finish on palate. 

Rhubarb sparkling wine is great choice for a welcome drink on a special occasion or an aperitif with gourmet dinner.

Hopped APPLE Cider

Volume: 0,75l and0,375l / Alc: 7,5% vol. / Serve at 8-10˚C

When you let apple to take a rest in hops for couple of months, a special drink is born, which combines freshness of apple and bitterness of hops. Unique blend of apple, elderberry, mint and citrus notes finished with pleasant balance on palate.


Enjoy the best of Latvian apples in each bottle!

Apple cider PREMIUM BRUT

Vol: 0,75l and 0,375l / Alc: 8,5% vol. / Serve at 8-10C

Our apple cider Brut Premium is a drink for lovers of nuanced flavors. Crafted from three Latvian apple varieties with the focus on a slightly acidic and crisp flavor. Fermented and held for eight months at low temperatures. Light body with sparkling wine character.

Perfect drink for wine lovers who want to enjoy their visit to cider world.

Apple cider MEDIUM

Volume: 0,75l un 0,375l / Alc: 7,5% vol. / Serve at 8-10C

We craft our cider from selected Latvian apple varieties. Fermented and matured for eight months in low
temperatures to preserve fresh apple aromas. Blended to create medium/full body taste on palate. 

Easy drinking cider for daily refreshment and enjoyment. 

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