Volume: 0,70l / Alc: 20%vol./ Serve 18-20C

Aronia velvet is a unique northern drink. Made by applying classic port wine craftsmanship - we fortify aronia wine with our self distilled aronia spirit. This makes a truly special and charming flavors where slight sweetness blends with smokey bitterness of aronia berries. 


Perfect addition for gourmet dinner or slow conversation between close friends.


Volume: 0,70l / Alc. 20,0% vol./ Serve 18-20C

Pommeau is made in winter time by blending juice from carefully selected and frozen Latvian apples with our own distilled apple brandy and maturing in French oak barrel for one year. 

Result - a unique, naturally sweet drink with vanilla and fresh apple notes, which is complimented by character of our apple spirit.


Volume: 0,70l / Alc. 20% vol. / Serve 18-20C

Cherry velvet is a masterpiece created by our winemaker over two year period. Our goal was to combine the smooth taste and fresh aroma of local cherries with our own distilled fruit brandy.


The result is this charming and mysterious drink, made to bring you an experience to remember.

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