Volume: 0,75l / Alc: 10,0% vol. / Serve at 50-60C

ABAVAS mulled wine is traditionally made in cooperation with Latvia’s leading sommelier Jānis Kaļķis. It is crafted using Latvian blackcurrant and apple base wine and carefully selected spices – a great warming drink to lift your spirits.


You will find notes of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom in its aroma – all part of a perfect holiday season drink.

APPLE wine / DRY

Volume: 0,75l / Alc: 12% vol. / Serve at 8-10C

Our apple wine will be a treat for lovers of dry wines. You will find aroma of apple seeds, hint of peach and lemon. Carefully selected Latvian apple varieties contribute to refreshing and surprisingly spicy aftertaste.


Serve with soft cheeses, ham, white meet or pork. Best enjoyed fresh and chilled.


Volume: 0,5l / Alc: 10,0% vol./ Serve 18-20C

Blackcurrant dessert wine is crafted according to the best traditions of traditional Latvian dessert wines. It is fermented and matured for one year. You will find fresh notes of blackcurrants in its aroma as well as a pleasant balance on your palate.


Best enjoyed with traditional Latvian desserts and chocolate.

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