Our beverages


    ABAVAS beverages are based on four excellent Latvian fruit and berry cultures – apples, chokeberries, blackcurrants and rhubarb.

    During the warm season of the year, they soak up the sun and scent of the summer, to be made into juices in the fall, then aged in barrels for a year, to finally reach connoisseurs as quality, top-grade beverages that make a mundane day a holiday, and a celebration an unforgettable experience.All beverages from ABAVAS winery have consistently excelled with high quality, rich bouquet and distinctive taste. They are available at Latvia’s best restaurants, a number of pubs and cafes, as well as at retail outlets across the country.


We care for the development of our winery and every year participate in competitions, so customers who buy our beverages could be sure that they are buying exceptional quality.

At the German apple wine fair/competition Apfelwein Weltweit, we have been scoring top marks among 16 participating countries for several years in a row. Based on the results of the competition, winemakers are awarded the right to use the quality certification mark of the fair.

At the competition of Latvian Fruit and Berry Wines, organized by the Latvian Association of Vineyards and Wineries, the best beverages that withstand the fierce competition and earn top marks from a professional jury, are awarded quality certification seals.