Black currant velvet

Black currant velvet

Black currant velvet

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Black currant

      Black Currant Velvet is a drink to cheer and warm you up. It combines sweet and intense character of Nordic berries with elegant notes of french oak. Made by applying classic port wine craftsmanship - we fortify black currant wine with our redistilled black currant spirit. Perfect addition for gourmet dinner or slow conversation between close friends.Contains sulfites.


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Comte cheese;
Indian nut cheese;
Honey roasted nuts;
Gingerbread cookies;
Pastry filled with minced meet;

  • RIMI, Visā Latvijā
  • Spirits and Wine, Rīga
  • Stockmann, Rīga
  • Lidosta "Rīga", Rīga
  • SOLO, Cēsis
  •, Rīga
  • RIIJA, Rīga
  • VYNOTEKA, Rīga
  • Boozie, Aizkraukle
  • Restoterase, Sabile
  • Valmiermuiža, Rīga
  • Kolekcija Dzērieni, Vecrīga
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