White vermouth

White vermouth
White vermouth

White vermouth

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Apple Cardamom Orange Lemon Cloves
Cinnamon Spices

This unique drink is made from northen apple wine according to a classic Old World vermouth recipe. Nine plants and spices from all around the world were used to create this drink with a fruity and saturated character with notes of citrus. The recommended serving temperature ir 8-10 degrees, with ice ir mixed in cocktails with carbonated water, rye whisky, gin, distillate, whisky or sparkling wine. Keep refrigerated after opening. Contains sulphites.


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  • Crepes jeb pankūkas, ābolu pīrāgs;
  • Beaufort, Chedar un maigs zilais siers; 
  • Gruyere siers;
  • Piparkūkas;
  • Ābolu pīrāgs
  • RIMI, Visā Latvijā
  • Lidosta "Rīga", Rīga
  • SOLO, Cēsis
  • Boozie, Rīga
  • DEVONA, Daugavpils
  • DEVONA, Liepāja
  • Restoterase, Sabile
  • VYNOTEKA, Rīga
  • Milti un Zīle rokā, Cēsis
  • MALKO, Dobele
  • Veikals DEPO, Visā Latvijā
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Abavas Fresh


ABAVA white vermouth 30ml
Prosecco 100ml
Quince syrup 15ml


Pour ingredients into a serving glass, stir, add ice.

For garnish:

Mint or orange clove.

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