Apple cider Meadows

Apple cider Meadows
Apple cider Meadows

Apple cider Meadows

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           A wonderful summer walk through the rich meadows of the Abava Valley, the power of the three-nine flowers, sparkling friendship and celebration. This is the story of Meadow Cider. Made from Latvian apples and enriched with extracts of meadow herbs and flowers, this drink has come to your home to give you a moment of joy! Appreciate its fresh and floral aroma, complemented by a sweet summer taste. Contains sulfites.


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Watermelon salad with rucola, goat cheese and mint;
Fresh seasonal salad with basil pesto;
Three cheese selection, with dried tomatoes, olives and bread sticks;
Goat cheese with greens;
Grilled bread sticks in garlic with vegetable salsa.

  • RIMI, Visā Latvijā
  • Stockmann, Rīga
  • Spirits and Wine, Rīga
  • Lidosta "Rīga", Rīga
  • SOLO, Cēsis
  • Būņas, Rīga
  • Cikāde, Kuldīga
  •, Talsi
  •, DOMINA, Rīga
  •, Spice Home, Rīga
  • ALKOutlets, Dobele
  • DEVONA, Visā Latvijā
  • Labumu bode, Ikšķile
  • Lauku Rudzupuķe, Berģi
  • Zaļā Bāze, Rīga
  • Valmiermuiža, Rīga
  • TOP Veikali, Visā Latvijā
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