Non-alcoholic mulled wine

Non-alcoholic mulled wine

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GrapesCinnamon Coriander  Cardamom Claws 

Black currant
                 Indulge in the miraculous taste of non-alcoholic mulled wine, which, thanks to the careful work of the winemakers, tells about starry nights, the feeling of home, warm conversations with a steaming mug in your hands, and without noticing it takes you to the magical world of spices. The flavor of the wine is dominated by blackcurrants, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. Enjoy it warm leisurely. Add citrus fruits for special flavor nuances. Natural sediments are possible. Contains sulfites


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  • Stockmann, Rīga
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  • Zaļā Bāze, Rīga
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  • SuperAlko, T/C Augusts, Rīga
  • Maiznīca Liepkalni, Valmiera
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  • Milti un Zīle rokā, Cēsis
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