Hopped Apple cider

Hopped Apple cider
Hopped Apple cider

Hopped Apple cider

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Apples Hops

           Fresh and exhilarating cider, created as an example of the new winemaking school, tells a beautiful story of Abavas about the friendship between northern apples and hop from overseas. The beverage was made by combining selection of Latvian apples and American hop variety Citra, that gives a light citrus and flower character, while the aftertaste is pleasantly and elegantly sour. This beverage will surprise you by combination of cider, beer and wine characters. Contains sulfites. 


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Salted pastry;
Latvian pate;
Gallete pie;
Raw black bread with smoked ham;
In pumpkin oil oven backed eggplant with dried tomatoes roasted nuts.

  • Sky, Rīga
  • Stockmann, Rīga
  • Spirits and Wine, Rīga
  • Lidosta "Rīga", Rīga
  • Lauku Rudzupuķe, Berģi
  • cenuklubs.lv, Spice Home, Rīga
  • DEVONA, Visā Latvijā
  • Boozie, Aizkraukle
  • Zaļā Bāze, Rīga


Old Apple


ABAVAS Apple on hops 100ml
ABAVAS Apple velvet 30ml
Freshly squeezed lime juice 30ml
Sugar syrup 15ml


Pour all ingredients except the cider into a shaker with ice, shake and strain into a glass, top up with cider.

For decor

Grapefruit peel.



ABAVAS Apple on hops
Aged light rum 30m
Pineapple syrup 15ml
Freshly squeezed lemon juice 15ml


Pour the ingredients into a serving glass with ice and top up with cider stir gently.