Hopped Apple cider

Hopped Apple cider
Hopped Apple cider

Hopped Apple cider

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Apples Hops

When an apple goes to sleep in a hop and doesn't come out for two months, a unique fermented drink is created that combines the freshness of apples with the bitterness of hops. A unique drink made with Latvian apple wine and a selected American hop variety. Contains sulfites. 


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Salted pastry;
Latvian pate;
Gallete pie;
Raw black bread with smoked ham;
In pumpkin oil oven backed eggplant with dried tomatoes roasted nuts.

  • Spirits and Wine, Rīga
  • Lidosta "Rīga", Rīga
  • DEVONA, Daugavpils
  • SuperAlko, Ainaži
  • Valmiermuiža, Rīga
  • VYNOTEKA, Ezere
  • VYNOTEKA, Rīga
  • Veikals DEPO, Visā Latvijā


Old Apple


ABAVAS Apple on hops 100ml
ABAVAS Apple velvet 30ml
Freshly squeezed lime juice 30ml
Sugar syrup 15ml


Pour all ingredients except the cider into a shaker with ice, shake and strain into a glass, top up with cider.

For decor

Grapefruit peel.



ABAVAS Apple on hops
Aged light rum 30m
Pineapple syrup 15ml
Freshly squeezed lemon juice 15ml


Pour the ingredients into a serving glass with ice and top up with cider stir gently.