Fruit wine selection

Fruit wine selection

Fruit wine selection

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      Aronia semi-dry wine is made from aronia grown in Latvia, which is enriched with red wine. The wine is made with classic red wine method. It has a distinct aroma of aronia and tannins, which are perfectly balanced naturally by the rich taste of the grape wine. Each sip of wine is like a note in a magical symphony, where Latvian nature and human handwork are harmoniously combined.
     The refined and mild taste bouquet of quinces grown locally, complemented with wine of selected apple varieties, brings to mind a trip to an orchard on a sunny and windy northern autumn day.The gentle freshness of quinces intertwines with the juiciness of apples, giving the drink a vivid character. Discover the richness of Latvian fruits by enjoying wine together with various snacks typical of the local region. 
          Rhubarb semi-sweet wine is made from rhubarb grown and specially selected in Latvia. It is made by use of classical white winemaking technology. The wine has a pleasant rhubarb aroma and a refreshing, sweet and fresh taste. Enjoy the richness of northern nature in this wine on special occasions. 

        Blackcurrant dessert wine is crafted according to the best traditions of traditional Latvian dessert wines. It is fermented and matured for one year. You will find fresh notes of blackcurrants in its aroma as well as a pleasant balance on your palate.Best enjoyed with traditional Latvian desserts and chocolate.

*All contains sulfites.

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Gin&Tonic twist
ABAVAS rhubarb semi-sweet wine 30ml
Gin 30ml


Pour the ingredients into a glass full with ice , stir gently!

For decor:

Rhubarb stem, berries, lemon peel.