Rhubarb Sparkling wine (dry)

Rhubarb Sparkling wine (dry)
Rhubarb Sparkling wine (dry)
Rhubarb Sparkling wine (dry)

Rhubarb Sparkling wine (dry)

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Our winery's signature drink!

Rhubarb Sparkling Brut is a drink to surprise your friends and special guests.Fermented in low temperature to preserve unique character of Latvian rhubarb. It has a pleasant rich fruit aroma followed by crisp dry finish on palate. Rhubarb Sparkling Brut is great choice for a welcome drink on a special occasion or an aperitif with gourmet dinner. Contains sulfites.


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Rhubarb dew


ABAVAS Rhubarb sparkling wine 100ml
Gin 30ml
Rose lemonade


Pour ingredients one at a time into a glass filled with ice, stir, top up with lemonade as needed, stir gently!


Rhubarb stem, berries, lemon peel.



ABAVAS Rhubarb sparkling wine 150ml
Homemade rhubarb compote


The drink is made in a large jug by mixing the compote, the sparkling wine with ice and then pouring into glasses.

For decor:

Add the rhubarb, and the rhubarb peel or slice.