Grape white wine, dry

Grape white wine, dry

Grape white wine, dry

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         After ten years of hard work, experimentation and testing, our winery have achieved our hoped-for plan and are proud to present grape wines. The Abava vineyard, which grows above the 57th parallel, is one of the largest northern vineyards in Europe and the world. 

     Planted and tended with great care and love, it is now bearing the first fruits of its labour.Cuvee Sabel is an elegant and refreshing dry, white wine named after the ancient toponym of Sabile. The wine has been made from several varieties of northern grapes. Its aroma is dominated by barberry and citrus flavor, complemented by sweet vanilla and almond notes. 

     The taste includes fresh and balanced sourness.The wine is characterized by a tender , round note, which has been achieved by ageing it on oak chips. Enjoy this wine cooled as a aperitif or with a light, exquisite meal. Contains sulfites

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